DIAMANTE PROJECTS, LLC is owner of 18 quarries and modern Trading & Construction Company that covers civil jobs, villas, towers and landscaping projects. We are focused in Qatar and Europe.Profile
PAVESTONE emerged as a natural outcome of DFG’s necessity to transmit to the world of construction its experience and profound knowledge of natural stones and diverse materials.Profile
PINACAS has 8 quarries to your disposal. Limestone and Sandstones. It is Reinventing ourselves project after project, with strong will, ingenuity and dedication. We will continue to follow this path, making your dreams come true.Profile
MÁRMOLES SERRAT is a family Company founded in 1965 by the father of the current owners. Our Gris Pulpis quarry is located in Castellón, Spain. And Factory also is working with best machinery getting spectacular finishings on its marblProfile
Ceracasa tiene una de las instalaciones más modernas del sector para la fabricación, gestión y logística de productos cerámicos como emotile by ceracasa©. Para ello dispone de una superficie de más de 130.000 m2, en los que se llevan a cabo los procesos de creación, diseño, fabricación, almacenaje y expedición de los distintos productos.Alto Brillo
DIAMANTE PROJECTS, LLC Aluminium has a factory fabricating all standard systems, and exclusive accessories in Stainless Steel, fastenings and substructures necessaries for attaching natural stone cladding on ventilated facadeSystem Façade
PAVESTONE has one division fabricating external furniture for parks and public areas. But they can fabricate any design required from client. Only need one Autocad, and Pavestone will do exactly designe received. Furniture
PINACAS is very old company working with Limestone and Sandstone. Anyone has more experience to do your dreams in one reality for your enjoy. Catalogue
The most amazing marble with best and exclusive finishes, it is GRIS PULPIS. You can get big slabs in 2 cm. Because it is the most strong marble in the market. You can see the mosaic slabs with amazing big sizes. Lifestone
El proceso de fabricación del los productos CERACASA es muy avanzado al tener aplicada la tecnología más puntera del mercado: guía mediante láser, domótica integrada, decoración mediante inyección digital, clasificación mediante visión artificial y control mediante programas específicos. Porcelánico
Absolutely incredible are the Big Sizes only with 1 cm of thickness. You can see on this catalogue the incredible sizes you can install with very few thickness. This is possible thanks to this material, Gris Pulpis and our Crema Márfil, is the most strong in the market. Big Size
Ceracasa es pionera en la fabricación y comercializacion de revestimientos y pavimentos cerámicos de alta calidad. Comienza su andadura en 1984 de la mano de D. Carlos Cabrera Cervera, dedicándose desde un principio a la fabricación exclusiva de gres cerámico rojo. Pasta Blanca